Chapel Hill Barber Shop

The Client was rebranding his business in a college town and wanted something that reflected the Chapel Hill mascot, which was a ram. He also wanted something that had a family crest look to it because it was his family business that had been passed down from his grandfather. I came up with a family crest and ram that had a reflected, mirrored look that went with the barbershop theme. The typography ties into the family business being established back in 1952 and creates the look of stability and timelessness.

Sarah Belle's Boutique

Sarah Belle's Boutique is a jewelry company that specializes in hand made, elegantly wrapped crystals, semi-precious and precious stones. The client wanted a feminine, sophisticated typographic feel.

I found a very elegant font that I embellished with extra swirls and some flowers to give interest. It also keeps the rhythm of the eye moving across the type. The line under the type, is balanced with flowers and ties the type and the elements together. 

Unique Batik

Unique Batik is a fair trade wholesale company that specializes in clothing, jewelry, handbags and accessories, all hand made by artisans from Guatemala, Ghana, Thailand and Kenya.

Unique Batik wanted to update their website and give it a clean modern look, to make the shopping experience easier on the customer.

This project was a collaboration. The original logo was kept and updated with emphasis on the typography. The fish was an element that the client wanted to keep.

In response to the modern design, I brought the fish to the forefront and used it as a bolder graphic element. The fish creates rhythm by swimming across the pages, which helps inject the company with a fresh and fun new look.

I kept the photography very clean, with crisp white backgrounds, letting the texture of the product to transcend through the page.

Full Frame Film Documentary

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival is a non-profit organization that encourages and discovers documentary filmmakers.

The logo concept was to create an artistic documentary feel. The center focus of the eye displays a bold film reel representing filmmakers, as well as film aficionados.

An expressive typographic approach was used to create interest throughout the branding. The quotes are colour coded to visually correspond with each day of the festival.

The brochure extends to a full size 11x17 poster to use for autographs or as a keepsake.

Raven's 31 Gifts

Raven's 31 Gifts is a growing home business that sells monogrammed purses and bags out of the ThirtyOne Catalogue. The client wanted a logo that consisted of a purple circle.

I went on the company's website and noticed that all the purses and bags were very pattern-heavy. I also saw that this company looked very young, fresh and trendy. The typography was decorated with little circles within the letters and it reflected the circle theme perfectly. The slight texture on the background lavender circle, gives the contrast for the smooth circles that are repeated throughout the logo. The embellishments on the side of the logo radiates the focus of Raven's business, which is 31 Gifts.

The business card embodies the youthfulness of the company, with the icons reflecting the circular logo. The back of the business card is a similar play with pattern, like the ones that are found in the ThirtyOne brand.

Jewelles Smith

Jewelles Smith is a Disability and Gender Human Rights Activist, Writer, Researcher and Fine Artist. She required a website that encompassed all of her talents.

For her logo, I took the inspiration from her hummingbird tattoo, which is based off a Canadian First Nation’s Haida parable about perseverance and teamwork. The mosaic pattern of the hummingbird’s body symbolizes individuals coming together to create something larger than themselves.

A typographic ring surrounds and protects the hummingbird with the definitions of Jewelles’ individuality and courage, while the turquoise graphic ovoids connect and strengthen the circle.


THAT1GUY is a musician that has invented his own instrument called “The Magic Pipe”. He is a one man show, and uses loops and other items, such as his Magic Saw, Magic Boot, and Magic Duck. He is known for having a sense of humour when it comes to writing his songs, and musically he keeps it funky. The logo concept was based on his Magic PIpe and putting it into the “1” in his name. The Magic Pipe has an interesting aesthetic and by focusing on the shape it made, it felt natural to incorporate it in his logo. The font chosen for the CD packaging gave a bold and exciting feel, reflective of THAT1GUY’s music. Inside the packaging, incorporating how much fun THAT1GUY has performing, brings you even closer to the live experience.