Raven's 31 Gifts

Raven's 31 Gifts is a growing home business that sells monogrammed purses and bags out of the ThirtyOne Catalogue. The client wanted a logo that consisted of a purple circle.

I went on the company's website and noticed that all the purses and bags were very pattern-heavy. I also saw that this company looked very young, fresh and trendy. The typography was decorated with little circles within the letters and it reflected the circle theme perfectly. The slight texture on the background lavender circle, gives the contrast for the smooth circles that are repeated throughout the logo. The embellishments on the side of the logo radiates the focus of Raven's business, which is 31 Gifts.

The business card embodies the youthfulness of the company, with the icons reflecting the circular logo. The back of the business card is a similar play with pattern, like the ones that are found in the ThirtyOne brand.