Strung Bracelets

Strung Bracelets are handmade jewelry inspired by guitar strings. I wanted to showcase the fun, quirky and rock'n roll elements of these bracelets, while keeping the sophisticated feel of a high-quality handmade product. I made a set of 5 ads that each tell a separate story, incorporating all the elements above to reach their target demographic.

Lyric Broadsides

Lyric broadsides are individual layouts of lyrics and photography. I designed a Swiss layout and placed photography to enhance key words and phrases.

The result was a clean, minimal design solution that drew the eye around the lyrics and evoked emotion within the page.

Converse Chuck Taylors

Converse Chuck Taylor shoes have a solid reputation for being a classic sneaker, but they also have a loyal alternative following. The photography is fun and edgy, catering to their loyal subculture that Chucks have gained over the years.

The postcards are a series of classic 80’s song parodies, while incorporating a humourous, effective and catchy hashtag. The original logo has been used for this project.

Andy Coats and the Bank Walkers

Andy Coats and the Bank Walkers are a band that plays alternative country and rock n'roll. They were gigging for three consecutive weeks at Deep South the Bar. Andy wanted a poster that would reflect their sound, as well as each individual gig. The colours reflect the type of genre that Andy's band plays, as well as being part of a cohesive set.

Tiffany & Company

Tiffany & Company is an exquisite jewelry company with an impeccable reputation. This ad represents the international attraction and sophisticated beauty that comes with a Tiffany & Company purchase. A Tiffany’s woman could be anyone, as the allure of Tiffany’s is that of attainable glamour.

The delicate duotone of Tiffany Blue compliments the simple, yet stunning photography. The tagline relates to a younger demographic who crave a contemporary and sophisticated presence. The web banner is showing just enough, so any woman can see herself wearing Tiffiany & Company jewelry. Photos by Cornell Griffin. The original logo has been used for this project.

Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine is an alternative band with an edgy and ethereal beat driven sound. Florence is known for wearing her long flowing dresses on stage. The concept for this tour was named after her song “Rabbit Heart.” 

This is a mixed media piece. The illustration shows Florence, her heart exposed, bridging the graphic with the title of her tour. Inside her heart are textured steampunk gears to represent “The Machine.” 

She dons a pair of metallic angel wings, which reflects her alternative sound. The result is a design that catches the eye and embodies Florence + the Machine’s musical feel.

Rodin's Secret Garden

Rodin’s Secret Garden is a promotional poster for the Rodin statues exhibited outside at the North Carolina Museum of Art. The courtyard is such a distinct and inspirational place where each statue has a life of their own. I wanted to illuminate the beauty of Rodin’s work by aesthetically creating his own universe. This resulted in an extraordinary showcase of Rodin’s unparalleled masterpieces.

Rodin's Secret Garden

+ypographic {r}evolution

The North Carolina Museum of Art is very proud of their exhibitions. This particular exhibition is based on alternative typographer, Neville Brody’s works. The concept of the promotional material was to invoke Neville Brody’s typographical style. The title of the exhibit is called “Typographic Revolution/Evolution”, as both words reflect Brody’s avant garde style. The pieces are in black and white to keep the focus on typography, with a pop of red to show Brody's passion and spark interest for the viewer.